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Modern Slavery Act

What it is and what it means for your organisation

  • Modern Slavery Act
<p><strong>FREE <br /></strong><em>Modern Slavery Act</em> <br />eLearning course</p>
<p><strong>FREE <br /></strong><em>Modern Slavery Act</em> <br />eLearning course</p>

Modern Slavery Act
eLearning course

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Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act is designed to prevent slavery in the UK and became law on March 26th 2015. The Act covers England and Wales and combines previous slavery and trafficking laws.

Modern Slavery includes, but is not limited to sexual and criminal exploitation, domestic servitude, forced labour, bonded labour and people trafficking.

By taking our 5 minute microlearning course you will learn in greater detail:

What the Modern Slavery Act is
What it means for your organisation
What your organisation needs to do to comply
How to avoid damage to your reputation

Find out more in our FREE Modern Slavery Act online training course, available by simply completing the form at the top of this page.

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Transparency Statements

The Modern Slavery Act states that:

A commercial organisation must prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year if the organisation supplies goods or services, and has a total turnover of not less than an amount prescribed by regulations made by the Secretary of State (currently set at £36 million).

This statement MUST be:

  • Signed by an executive of your organisation (such as a Director/Board Member or Partner)
  • Published on your organisation's website with a prominent link visible on the homepage

We now offer a brand new online training course specifically about Transparency Statements; what they are, why you need them and how to produce them. If you are interested in purchasing the course please contact us on 01509 643925 or enquiries@delta-net.co.uk

modern slavery act

Identifying Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain

This microlearning course focuses on human trafficking and labour exploitation; the two aspects of modern slavery that could be present in your organisation's supply chain without you realising it.

Human trafficking is when people are tricked, threatened or coerced into situations that cause them to be exploited. They can be trafficked in their own country or abroad, so don't assume that someone isn't a victim just because they are the same nationality as you.

Labour exploitation is when people are forced to work for nothing, low wages or for a wage that is then kept by their "owner/employer". This form of exploitation is more widespread that you might think and definitely exists within the UK.

Victims of labour exploitation:

  • are often housed in squalid, unsanitary, overcrowded accommodation
  • can be constantly moved between 'jobs'
  • are forced to work long hours or double shifts
  • can be threatened daily with verbal and/or physical abuse; and
  • regularly have their basic human and workers' rights violated

The online training course features a case study detailing a prosecution of an organisation under the terms of the Modern Slavery Act.

This brand new online training course is available to purchase now. Please contact us on 01509 643925 or enquiries@delta-net.co.uk

Where does modern slavery occur?